Clinical Chemistry

Clinical Chemistry


NCCP Harmonisation Project for Tumour Markers

IEQAS is continuing to assist the National Cancer Control Programme with this project, initially PSA but more recently extended to include CA125 and hCG.  The NCCP Designated Cancer Centres all participate in a quarterly EQA scheme.

A document of Agreed Outcomes was established following a NCCP PSA Harmonisation Workshop, attended by representatives from national laboratories in December 2014, and recommendations subsequently published in the HSE National Laboratory Handbook.


Harmonisation of Reference Intervals

This National project  was initiated as a collaboration between IEQAS and the ACBI, AMLS and Faculty of Pathology RCPI. The first phase began with an IEQAS survey to establish the reference intervals in use for non-pregnant adults for Na, K, Urea, Cl, Bicarbonate, Phosphate, Mg, Albumin, Total Protein and Osmolality.  Results were discussed at the 2012 IEQAS Conference and recommendations subsequently published in the HSE National Laboratory Handbook Vol. 1.  Similar studies are ongoing for Clinical Chemistry and Haematology.

2014: Prof Linda Thienpont Empower Project for Clinical Chemistry

IEQAS participants were invited by Prof Linda Thienpont (University of Ghent, Belgium) to participate in this project, free of charge at the moment on a first-come-first served basis. 

General Information

Master Comparisons

Patient Percentile Monitoring

2008-2009: Residual pooled serum for Clinical Chemistry EQA

Two surveys using residual pooled serum as an alternative to commercially prepared traditional EQA material, to study any matrix effects.  Results were reported at IEQAS Conference 2009.  IEQAS have since provided at least two such samples annually in their routine EQA scheme.

2009: All-Ireland audit of laboratory thyroid function testing. 

The audit included testing strategy, reference ranges, analytical sensitivity, assay interference and report comments.  The aim was to summarise current practice in Ireland against published UK Guidelines and raise potential for harmonising clinically specific reference ranges.  The web-based audit was endorsed by the ACBI, AMLS, the Faculty of Pathology (RCPI) and the N Ireland Regional Audit Group in Clinical Biochemistry.  Roberta Goodall devised the UK Thyroid Questionnaire and Jonathan Middle hosted the audit on the UKNEQAS website.  A summary of the UK, NI and All Ireland survey was presented by Dr Mark Lynch, Altnagelvin, Tyrone County and Erne Hospital at the Conference 2009.

2001: Macroprolactin Survey

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1999: Acetoacetate Interference revisited

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1998: Effect of bilirubin in routine photoassays

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1997: Accuracy of creatinine measurement in aqueous material

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1997: HDL Cholesterol survey of methodologies

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